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ExPat, Expatriate: one who has taken up residence abroad.



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The Expat Show is also broadcasted terrestrially
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WTBQ1110AM radio

in New York.


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Tai Aguirre




Life overseas can be exciting and rewarding... Or, it can be a nightmare! What do you do?


Did you know that:

  • There are over 8 million North American expatriates working or living abroad?

  • Expats are an expanding community and the market continues to grow?

  • Expatriates and those exploring becoming expatriates are a diverse group and the most fascinating, interesting people in the world?

On "The ExPat Show,"
You'll Learn More About...

  • Buying property overseas

  • Shopping

  • What about health care?

  • Insurance?

  • Starting a business

  • ....and more!

  "The ExPat Show" examines the political, lifestyle, cultural and financial issues surrounding the record numbers of Americans relocating overseas. Called "radio's first real global show," Tai Aguirre brings listeners first-hand accounts of ExPats' real-life adventures and experiences. The show considers the surrounding issues of living life abroad through interviews with a panoply of experts in culture, business, law, real estate, etc.

Tune in 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Listen to our program anywhere on the planet. The Expat Show is also broadcasted terrestrially over ABC affiliate WTBQ1110AM radio in New York.  Hear great personal stories, expatriate news, vital information, business opportunities, music, language, culture and surprises.




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