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ExPat, Expatriate: one who has taken up residence abroad.


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Radio Personality-Producer, Journalist, Music Producer and Composer

Ten years ago, producer Tai Aguirre decided to leave the hustle and bustle of his native New York City to live a greener and slower-paced life in rural upstate New York. Little did he know that the move would be anything but quiet – and the circumstances that would ensue determine a new career direction as a truth-baring radio journalist.

Aguirre became unwittingly embroiled in a Stephen King-worthy rural horror story of jurisdictional battles with regulatory agencies. The agencies disallowed his costly renovation project after giving their official approval. The three-year David and Goliath battle threatened Aguirre’s home and livelihood and took a personal toll. (His now-signature gravel voice is a battle scar.)

Aguirre realized that the only way to wage and win a defense campaign against the government bureaucracy was to get his story out to the public. He sought out media to alert the average Joe and Jane to the injustices regulatory agencies routinely carried out on ordinary citizens. After all, if it happened to him, anyone could be next. Aguirre’s story was covered by several high circulation newspapers and television and radio shows including WABC Radio and FOX TV news.

The media exposure turned out to be the tipping point in Tai Aguirre’s victory. Shortly thereafter, similar hardship stories from other families fighting battles with regulatory and bureaucratic agencies poured in from all over the country. Aguirre found himself a now well-informed advocate and did what any creative bigmouth New Yorker from Queens would do: He created a news/talk exposé radio show!

Called “Could YOU Be Next?….stories the mainstream media won’t dare talk about!”, and hosted, written and produced by Aguirre, the show was heard weekly over ABC affiliate WTBQ1110AM Radio and on the World Wide Web. Aguirre and his listeners became earwitnesses as offenders and bullies were called live, on the air, to explain themselves. Could YOU Be Next won instant acclaim and was responsible for exposing high profile cases such as the Diane Klienman Story.

Klienman, a former assistant D.A. serving as a Special Agent for the U.S. Customs Service at John F. Kennedy airport, one of the busiest in the world, uncovered startling corruption. Kleinman discovered serious security breaches, and the routine stealing of drug and cash evidence by customs workers. Kleinman even nabbed a cocaine smuggler with over 45 pounds of the illegal substance. Instead of being praised and rewarded, this young, attractive Jewish patriot was discriminated against, had her life threatened, was ordered by her supervisors to perjure herself in front of a Grand Jury to cover up the department’s mess, and ultimately, fired without cause. New York Magazine and Fox News claimed to have broken the story, but Tai Aguirre interviewed Kleinman and reported her story 8 months prior on Could YOU Be Next?

A few examples of the scores of guests who have told-all on Could YOU Be Next? include: race car driver Bobby Unser on the frivolous $600,000 lawsuit against him by the Forest Service; Dr. Ede Koening, shut down by the California Medical Board for her successful alternative natural therapies; Mark Graff, a Department of Energy security specialist who had his computer wiped clean and was blacklisted for doing his job: reporting the leak of deadly plutonium.

Since the debut of Could YOU Be Next, Tai Aguirre has flourished in the radio medium. Aguirre created The Teen Show, a positive spin on America’s youth which he produced and directed with his teen guests. He is currently producing and hosting The Expat Show.

Streamed on the Web worldwide and reaching out to an audience of one million radio listeners through the radio station WTBQ1110AM, The Expat Show is the first-of-its-kind radio newsmagazine to deal specifically with the life and times of America’s expatriate community. A Baby Boomer himself, Aguirre discovered that although expats are found in all age groups, the number of Baby Boomers choosing to live overseas has grown tremendously. Organizations such as the Migration Policy Institute, the US State Department and others regularly report on this trend.

Called “radio’s first real global show,” listeners hear first-hand accounts of expats’ adventures as well as commentary from a panoply of experts in culture, business, law, real estate, etc., on the issues of living life abroad.

Tai Aguirre began his entertainment career as a vocalist, musician and composer, appearing in numerous concert halls and supper clubs across the U.S. He has won critical acclaim for his participation in Bonnie Sandler's original Off-Broadway musical entitled “Broadway Moon” which played at Judy’s and Theatre East in New York City. Aguirre also helped co-produce the CD.

No stranger to the Internet, Aguirre was an early intra-preneur, winning the web site-of-the-year award from Incentive Magazine. Later, he won best new product of the year from New York’s Incentive Show for his “Your Personal Song,” an all-occasion music production Ebusiness.

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